Mexican Geode Slice | Trancas Crystal

Mexican Geode Slice | Trancas Crystal

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Chihuahua, Mexico

formed 44 million years old

Each geode slice is carefully hand cut and polished from whole Mexican geodes mined 220 miles south of El Paso, Texas in Chihuahua province, Mexico. Every stone in our collection is unique and riddled with style.
Keepin’ it natural, each slice maintains it’s natural outer shell, giving some added charm with an already charming necklace.


This variety of geode is known for its brilliant druzy quartz linings and may contain calcite, fluorite, and quartz scepters. One of the most notable features of these geodes is their fluorescent ability due to trace uranium content (not enough to harm life).  Under shortwave UV light, approximately 80-85% of these geodes fluoresce bright green. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.
All of this translates into an undeniably awesome pendant.

Dimensions: 1’’ x .4’’ x 1’’
Weight: 5 grams

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