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Keep Your Coal was created to help inspire more of an appreciation for our natural world and its natural processes. As mineral collectors and avid rockhounds, we found that a large majority of what you find in gift shops are mass-tumbled and artificially produced. Each of our stones are carefully cut, shaped and polished to highlight earths natural works of art. We want to create natural (and awesome) stone products, everyday, to represent our beautiful planet and bring a piece of it to you.

As lovers of the land, we maintain an eco-friendly work flow while sourcing our rough stone from small-scale mining operations that have a low-carbon footprint. Our packaging is made of 100% recycled material which is correspondingly recyclable. Without our natural earth we wouldn’t be doing what we love and it’s our responsibility to do our part and take care of this beautiful planet.

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Creating anything from natural rock and mineral is a process. From your stones rough form, we see this process through to a completely unique and polished piece. Each stone is cut by a 14’’ or 6’’ diamond grit blade and shaped on diamond grit coarse wheels. Most of our time is spent on diamond plated resin wheels, tediously grinding every depth of scratch out of your stone. Finally, a high speed polish with various polishing compounds to make her shine. A completed pendant will then be carefully drilled with diamond grit drill bits.